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3 month apartments in Paris?

I've been travelling to Paris annually for short visits the past 6 years and now want to experience it for a longer period - say 3 months in Fall 2012. I've read the recent posts about the crackdown on these longer rentals but wonder if anyone has current info (or contacts) on affordable studios/1 bedroom apartments. Any info appreciated! (I prefer NOT to use Craig's List since friends have been scammed renting in Paris thru them since there's no way to know if the ad is for real). Thanks!

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You only get 90 days in Europe at one go, so I'm sure you'll plan your trip with that in mind.

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Yes, I've done some research and decided that the 3-month tourist visa would be less onerous since paperwork is much less, and it will give me a chance to see if I really want to move there for a longer period.

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We've used and for rentals.

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try There are plenty of rentals in Paris in the 400-500 euro range per week and many seem to offer very nice pricing for a month or more. I am certainly a novice at the, we just rented our first for our trip that ended last week but have already started looking for next year. I saw some what I would consider good deals in the 15th. Good luck!

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A few weeks ago we used a site called , yes I know...funny name, makes you think of homely apartments, but we were very happy with our little apartment just two blocks from the hotel de ville and right across the river from Notre dame on the edge of Les Halles. There are tons of rentals so be sure to question everything, including security deposit, some wanted as much as $1500 euros. Our landlord asked for 300 euros, ped it to $100 the week before we went, and after meeting us said we looked like nice people and she didn't need one. Also our landlord let us pay when we got there...with only a 200 euro deposit, a good thing since we really had to put our faith that everything was as presented. I have heard stories of people having their apartment switched and not getting the one they thought so we questioned that as well. Based on my experience, if I was going to go back for an extended stay, I would spend a bit more and get something on l'ile St louis...very quiet, nice views and a nice neighborhood feel...but you have to walk across the bridge to get to a grocer. just loved it there. Good websites also are and (this one has the best city map to help you choose location). I will say that we really didn't see an area we would NOT stay in regarding safety etc. but some are MUCH quieter than others. p.s. tried to find our apartment on but could not find it ...sorry. Also question EVRYTHING about the bathroom...we loved ours but the shower was so short I had to sit to shower every day..charming for a week but not for 3 months.

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We always use VRBO and Homelidays for our apt rentals in the EU, with great success. Use Google street View to check out the area that you may want to rent. You don't want to be next to a nightclub, or on a main street. Make sure that you really understand !what floor the unit is on, and if it has an elevator. It is a good idea to find a unit with lots of good references. And ensure that it has complete facilities( washer and dryer, oven, not just a cooktop, etc.), and is near the Metro and good dining and shops. When we were in Paris we found a great little one bedroom on the top of the 15th, within walking distance of the Eiffel Tower, for only $90/EU/nite, thru Homelidays. If you get a little out of the center of town you can find some great deals. Close access to the Metro makes everything seem 'right next door". Go do some reading on Tom's Guide to Paris" website; he has lots of great ideas for enjoying Paris; especially dining options,