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3 Full days in Paris- my Itinerary

I would like to post what I have as an idea for our 3 days for opinions if it is sensible or possible and if I have allowed enough time to sit and watch Paris.
We are staying at Hotel Vendome in Latin Quarter just of Rue Monge and near Cardinal Lemoine Metro. We are there in middle of October.

Day 1.(Tues) Walk to Ile St Louis,Look at Hotel De Ville, Visit Notre Dame and Ste Chapelle.Head to Catacoombes for afternoon tour via Luxembourg Gardens. Then head to Napoleons Tomb and finish at Eiffel Tower.

Day 2 (Wed) Visit Pantheon (very close to hotel) and head to Opera Garnier for English Tour (starts at 11.30 am). Then head to Montremarte and visit Sacre Coeur. There is a walking tour you can do but not sure on this.

Day 3 (Thur) Louvre, walking Champs Elysees and end up at Arc De Triomphe.

I have no idea if this is doable or rediculous. I am open for suggestions and maybe there is something nearby one of these attractions that is worth checking out.

Thanks you in advance


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It sounds fine. Your first day is a bit rushed. I wouldn't go out of my way to see the Hotel de Ville.

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I would plan Sainte Chapelle first - there is a limit to visitors at a given time in the church (it is small) and thus the lines get a bit long. Personally, you can skip the Hotel de Ville - it is not one of the more magnificent buildings and can be more fun at night (because it is lit). There is also a small outdoor bird and flower market at Metro Cite near both of the churches - fun to take a stroll.

Plan a lunch in the le jardin du Luxembourg - grab a baguette and bottle of wine and have a seat near the fountain before heading to Port Royal and onto Denfert Rochereau to the Catacoombs. Note: The Catacoombs require a bit of stair climbing - approx. 88 - at the end of the 2.5K walk.

Hotel d'Invalides - Hit Le Dome and Tombeau du Napolean about 15h if you can - if it is sunny the light is incredible the later part of the day. Pop into l'egise Saint Louis (soldiers church - many miss it heading straight to the tomb) Plus take a stroll in the gardens. Some people like the Musee d'Armee - depends on how much you are into ancient war artifacts. I suggest walking along the Seine to the Tour Eiffel. Also - you can cross the river at the tower to Trocadero - fabulous view day or night. Additional note - you are very close to the Musee de Rodin when you are at Invalides -

Pantheon is great (originally meant to be the Eglise Sainte Genevieve patron saint of Paris but never dedicated and destroyed during the revolution 1791)- you are also near the Jardin des Plantes - great for a morning walk.

For the Louvre walk - be sure to go through the Jardin des Tuileries and then of course you will hit Place de Concorde. You can venture off to see the Grand Palais, Petit Palais, Palais Decouvertes as well.

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Thank you for your answer. I will forget the Hotel De Ville.

Thank you very much for your detailed answer. I will add those extra ones that we are passing by to our list. Will not worry about the military museum even though I am sure its interesting. I really appreciate the help of people with local knowledge.

I have another question? I have kept copies of different postings and a few talk about a shopping mall near the Lourve where you can get tickets downstairs from a ticket machine. Do you have an idea where exactly it is or on what street its on. It may be obvious once we get there but knowing what we are looking for would be a help.

Thank you both once again for your time,

regards, Jenny

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I would try to walk around the Ile de St. Louis perhaps in the early evening. We had one of our best meals in Paris at one of the sidewalk restaurants there - steak frites to die for & very reasonable.

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The shopping mall is attached to the Louvre, called the Carousel. It has a separate entrance on the Rue du Rivoli, and you can get to it from the main entrance of the Louvre, under the glass pyramid.
Not sure what type of tickets you are asking about.