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3 Extra Days, Where should I Go??

Sorry to bombard this board with questions, but i'm a newcomer - this is my first euro adventure.

I have 3 days to put in my trip. We are thinking either adding some time in Belgium. We are spending 2 nights in Brugge and a night in Brussels, then its off to Amsterdam. We've discussed going out in the Netherlands somewhere, but we dont know where, nor do we have a clue as to whats our there. We've also discussed somewhere close to Vienna since we'll be flying to there and from there to Nice.

We want to avoid France since we'll be spending a good bit of time there already. Somewhere that is close to our route that we could spend a night there or something. Belgium or Austria?? Where to go?? We're thinking country side, small hotel, good restaurants, etc.

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While in Amsterdam you might wanna check out Haarlem. It's about a 20 minute train ride from Centraal Station. Very cute town with a great main square. The Frans Hals museum there is also worth a look.

If you are interested you can find my photos in Haarlem at:

Also, I have some photos of my latest trip to Amsterdam last October on my personal website: .

Have fun, JB. And, don't forget to have a brewski for me when you get to Europe!

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On your way from Benelux to Vienna there are the Mosel and Rhine river valleys, Würzburg, the Romantic Road, Rothenburg, Munich, Neuschwanstein castle, Salzburg and many, many more... Or would you like to avoid visiting Germany?

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Since you will be in Belgium, have you considered Antwerp? We found it to be an interesting and pretty city, worth a day or two of visiting time.

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I've heard great things about Delft and Gouda, but have never been to either.

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You did not mention the time of year. Believe it or not, Belgium has some very nice beaches. Even when the weather is hot (doesn't last too long in Belgium), the water usually remains refreshingly cool. You can consider spending a day on the coast, since you will be close by in Brugge.

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Close to Vienna : a boat ride on the Danube river, from Krem to St. Michael.

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If your transportation is via car, i'd suggest stopping in La Hulpe, between Bruges and Brussels to visit the Fondation might not recognize his name but his paintings and sculpture are well known in Europe... created charming works of art...sort of Le Petit Prince of Belgium

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Hi JB,
... we suggest Baden bei Wien... an interesting place for food, wine, casino and spa (thermal springs) relaxation... You could Google it for more info... You could get into "via michilen" web site too: Just copy the above link and paste it into your Internet search box. Then, touch the ENTER key of your computer's keyboard ... voila! Check out the trip from Vienna to Baden bei Wien [we would take the Badener Bahn - a streetcar line - from the stop on the Vienna Ringstrasse - Opera].
... Gute Reise! P