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3 days in Switzerland.. which rail pass?

I'll be in Switzerland for 3 days in July and my travel on Public transport is as follow 1st day 1) Zurich airport to Lucerne.. 2) Lucerne boat ride and train up to Mt Pilatus .. then train or boat back to Lurcerne ..
3) late day train from Lucerne to Lauterbrunnen 2nd day - only some of local LV trains and gondolas.. prob 3-4 from train / gondola rides Lauterbrunnen to Wengen... and Murren.. and Mannichlen and maybe up to Schlithorn (Jungfrau prob not gonna happen) 3rd day - Lauterbrunnen to Spiez.. check out the castle for a few hours.. then catch the direct train to Milan change trains and down to La Speiza italy Is the 3 day flexi pass best for this itinerary? If so, does it get you a discount on the train to Italy? Also.. given the next 4 days of my trip will be in Italy with plenty of train travel.. is their any Swiss/Italian combo rail pass that would cover me both places? Thanks!! BTW Rick Steves in my HERO!

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Dan, I'll be interested in your responses because I plan to do a similar trip while in Switzerland minus the Jungfrau. I've posed this question in the past and never felt like there was a consensus . I plan to use Swiss one-half fare card, and would definitely choose it IF I were going to Jungfrau (rather pricey, and in my opinion, overrated). I can't give an opinion on your Italy leg of the journey.