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3 countries in 13 days

My husband and I are planning a 13 day holiday with our 2 year old. Our plan right now is to fly to Barcelona, spend 3 nights, travel to Rome via the overnight Ferry with Cabin. We will stay in Rome for 4 nights, take the train to Cannes for 3 nights, then train back to Barcelona for 1 night before we head back home. I like the idea of taking the Ferry and train istead of flight hopping as we will be able to see the country side on our way around. Is this too much to do in 13 days? Will we be going crazy by the end? Thanks for the help!

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Well, it is doable, but seems a bit spread out. What is the desire to go to Cannes? Perhaps it would be easier to choose some Italian beaches, and then fly out of Rome rather than Barcelona, skipping Cannes altogether? Just a thought.