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2nd time to France - 3/4 weeks available 2011

We've been to Paris, Rivera, Toulouse, Biarritz, Bordeaux, Mont Ste. Michel, Normandy-have a week scheduled in Burgundy and wondering about the best of the rest- Annecy/Chamonix Carcassone, Sarlat, Amboise are among those places we're considering. Pro's/con's among those-or better ideas? Thanks, Mike

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I can say that all the places you suggest are worth going to. We too have been to many places in France and still want more. In 2006 we spent some time in Chamonix and absolutely loved it. It has a great combination of French/German atmosphere, the weather was fantastic in the summer and there was plenty to sightsee (Mer du Glace, Aguille du Midi, the village).

Many years ago we were in the Dordogne and spent a day in Sarlat. We can highly recommend that area. We stayed in La Roque Gagaec in an inn right on the river. Beautiful!!

We would easily go back to both places.

Connie and Ric

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Mike - Any reason why you haven't been to Provence? You could easily head to Provence from Annecy/Chamonix. You could do a week or more in Provence and a week in Dordogne/Carcassone or Amboise/Loire Valley.

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There's a logistical argument in favor of the Alps, since it is near to Beaune. You could also stop for a few days in the Jura enroute.

Provence is similarly easy, and a fabulous destination. You must have some reason that it's not on your list.

Of all the destinations on your list, the one that appeals to me the most is the Dordogne valley. Not so much Sarlat, though it is charming, but the river and the old fortresses and the hill towns and the cave paintings. (The food's not too shabby either.)

I would not go out of the way to visit Carcassone except as a stop enroute to or from the Dordogne or Provence. It's just not in the same league and not worth crossing France for in my opinion.