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Jim Haynes Sunday Dinners in Paris?

Has anyone attended the Jim Haynes Sunday dinner? (He hosts 50-60 random people from all over the world every week.) I heard about him on NPR and at and it sounds pretty interesting. Anyone tried it or know anyone who has?

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I read a lot of reviews on the message boards and decided it wasn't for me. You might try going over there and doing a search.

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From what I have read, the wine is cheap and the food uninteresting, but the object is to meet other people, so I guess that's OK. Not my cup of tea but I have always been curious nevertheless.

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I also read about JH on Fodors and saw the pics too. The place looks very tiny and by the look of the kitchen I would be reluctant to eat any food prepared in it.

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It sound like fun to me also. I would go for it !!
Sorry no personnel infomation but thought I would give a counterpoint to others.

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After careful consideration, I've decided it's not for us either. For us to spend $65+ on an iffy dinner standing up while maybe having interesting conversations is just not how I want to spend an evening. We're on too tight a budget to gamble on this one. Thanks for all the input, esp. the Fodors suggestion. We're going in May and staying at an apt. through Slim at Parishome2000 (from Rick's book). Didn't find many posts about it before we booked so I will post something when we return about the accommodation.