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2 Weeks in Europe

My girlfriend and I are looking for the best two week trip in Europe.

Some info before you respond. The best flight options are into Paris, London, Geneva, Zurich, Amsterdam, or Berlin. She has only been to Ireland (our trip last summer) but I have been to most of Western Europe and want to save Italy for a honeymoon. Also, we're in our late 20s and in great shape so we're game for moving quick and roughing it.

We were thinking sort of a Bavarian, Austrian, Berner Oberland backpacking thing. I've been to Gimmelwald and would love to do a boot with her there! Also, I was thinking of proposing and could do it anywhere but I might want to throw Paris in at the end to do it in a very cliche way. Thoughts?

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Wow John, your post gave me the goosebumps...very lucky girl!! I've been to all the places you are considering and I think backpacking thru Bavaria, Austria and the Berner Oberland area are awesome choices. I assume you will be in Salzburg (which you will love), make sure you take the side trip to Hallstatt which is about an hour away. My husband and I celebrated our 25th there and I can only say "it's heaven on earth". Look into renting the little motorized boat to take out on the lake. You might change your mind and propose here's jaw-dropping beautiful! Good luck!

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John - sounds awesome! I would say fly into Amsterdam - Schipol is so user friendly and customs is a breeze. We arranged our last 3+week trip in a loop so we could fly into and out of Schipol. Amsterdam is also very romantic with all the canals and architecture. Amsterdam is a very easy night train away from Munich and from there you can start your Bavarian hike. Don't miss Salzburg and Halstatt - you may indeed decide to propose in beautiful Austria! The lakes up in the lake district are all incredible colors as they are glacier fed. Take care and have fun! Congratulations!

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I don't know if you could find a more romantic place than Paris to propose to her. One idea for an exact spot is near the pedestrian bridge connecting Ile de la Cite with Ile St Louis, the name of the bridge is Pont St Louis: either side of the pedestrian bridge, or in the middle (it's a pedestrian bridge), would be good--but my favorite spot is over on the Ile St Louis side of the pedestrian bridge. Check it out when you're there and see if it's the right spot!

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I know this is the Western Europe forum and that's likely where you're looking to go, but have you thought about Greece? I did a week in London and a week in and around France with my husband this past September. We had a great time (and I need to stop reading this forum as we don't have a trip on the horizon and I'm extremely jealous of you all!) but if you've already seen most of Western Europe, then maybe Greece would be an idea. I spent a week on the mainland doing a bit of a classical tour and then a week chilling on the islands a few years ago, which was fantastic.

But if you're looking for romance, you can never go wrong in France...we hit Bordeaux this time, and will choose a different wine region or two when we eventually go back.

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Hello John. Being in Europe, with the woman who you want to marry, for two weeks, sounds wonderful ! You said you desire to go to southern Germany, and Austria, and the center of Switzerland. Therefore, I recommend searching for an affordable flight to Munich in Germany. For some days, an airline flight to Munich can have the same cost as an airline flight to Berlin. But I do not know which international airport in the U.S.A. you will fly from. You could travel in trains from Switzerland to Paris, at the end of your trip, and fly from Paris to the U.S.A. But, in a 2 week (14 day) trip in Europe, I do not recommend doing that. A long train ride is not the most enjoyable thing to do in Europe. And, you might not want to leave the Berner Oberland, if the sun is shining when you are there. For your travel to the U.S.A., you could fly from Zurich or Geneva. (Doing it that way, I think your total expenses for transportation might not be higher than it would be if you travel from Switzerland back to Munich for a flight from Munich to the U.S.A.).

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Since I have been lucky enough (retired) I have lived in France and Spain, each for a year...6 months in Budapest, etc.

I strongly would suggest choosing one country and perpahs 3 cities to visit during a 2 week visit.
It is too American to hit 14 cities in 12 nights....slow down, soak it up...enjoy, otherwise, all memories might become a blur.
Also, check out awesome site, staying free on someone's couch or extra bedroom and meeting locals....have fun!