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220 volt adapter

Do I need to bring one when I travel to Switerland and France ? Thank you,Peggy.

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A plug adapter is a mechanical device that allows you to use your American applicance in a European receptacle. You would definitely need one if you plan to use electrical devices in Europe. I wouldn't call it a "220" V adapter. It doesn't do anything to the voltage. However, there are very few modern electonics (except cheap chargers for batteries) that don't accept dual voltage. On the other hand, there are "Voltage converters" which are electronic devices to change the 220 VAC from European receptacle to 120 VAC for American appliances. You shouldn't need one of those. Most modern, low power electronics (computers, cell phones, etc) are designed to accept any voltage. You can tell because the power supply says something like "input: "100-240VAC". There are very few modern electonics (except cheap chargers for batteries) that don't accept dual voltage. Some domestic high wattage devices like hair dryers, hair curler or straighteners don't run on 220V. Don't take them with you. Either buy them over there or learn to live without them. And beware. The Voltage Converters for high wattage (>50W) aren't suitable for computer, phone, etc power supplies ( will damage them).

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Thank you so much, for your quick and informative response I really appreciate it. Peggy.

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Peggy, It's important to check EACH of the devices you'll be travelling with, to determine what the "Input Voltage" specifications are. These will be listed on a small "nameplate label" somewhere on the device or charger. If these state 100-240 VAC, 50/60Hz, the device will work fine in Europe with only an inexpensive Plug Adapter. For travel in Switzerland and France, the "Euro" Adapter has two round pins (for devices which don't require a ground pin). I'd suggest taking two (or even three) Plug Adapters, as it's easy to "misplace" them. Check the Magellan's website for photos and information on Plug Adapters. Given your location, you might consider visiting one of their stores (I believe there's one in the Santa Barbara area and another somewhere in L.A. - I'd have to check). Happy travels!