2013 Berlin Marathon Budget Accomodations Requested.

I plan to run the Berlin Marathon on September 29. I was curious if anyone had any recommendations for accommodations in the vicinity (1-2km)of the start(near German Parliament building). I'm not opposed to public transit so if there are other recommendations that allow for an easy way to the start that would also be appreciated. Thanks!

Posted by Lola
Seattle, WA
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Arte Luise Kunsthotel is very close- cross the river and a few blocks up Luisenstrasse. They have single rooms with shared bath for 54,00 euros at that time. There are three left. This is an "art hotel" where each room is different; some are pretty odd but all are interesting and should offer plenty of comfort as well as good energy.

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Joe, The public transportation in Berlin is excellent, so that should allow you to stay in places that may not be as close to the Bundestag. Hotels close to the venue may book up quickly with others going to the Marathon. One Hotel you might consider is Pension Peters, which is located about half way between Savignyplatz and Bahnhof Zoo. It's located in a nice area, the rooms are very comfortable, the prices are very reasonable (IMO) and the staff are wonderful! You should be able to easily get to the race location by using U9 from Bahnhof Zoo (which is an easy 10 minute walk from the Hotel). Happy travels!

Posted by Lola
Seattle, WA
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Joe, this probably isn't your first marathon or large event of this type, so you probably know this. But with 40,000+ participants, plus their family members or friends who come to cheer, it can be a madhouse getting to the start. I do not like to rely on public transportation at such events, and stay as close as possible to the start/ finish area so I can walk. Just a thought. My husband almost missed his start at the New York marathon some years ago because of clogged transport route, but that was some years ago before it was so well organized. I am sure the Berlin system is equipped to handle the crowds, but crowds are crowds, and if you can avoid that experience by staying close to the start, why not do so? Besides, it is fun to stay close to all the action and events. The pre-race expo will be at the old Tempelhof airport grounds, so you would go by public transport in any case. But the post-race party is at Hotel Maratimon Friedrichstrasse, also within walking distance of the Luise Kunsthotel. And FWIw they have most ensuite rooms if you do want a private bath, but they cost a bit more.

Posted by Sasha
Bainbridge Island
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A marathon in Europe sounds so cool! I am only a 10k runner, but are there shorter races associated with the big marathons?

Posted by Mark
Berlin, Germany
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Sasha, the biggest 10 km events in Berlin are: - the Berliner City-Nacht, where the 10 km run is the main event (the other running event for adults is a 5 km run). Usually early August, around ten thousand runners (i.e. roughly 1/3 the field of the Berlin Marathon). It's an evening run. - the Stadtlauf Berlin, where the main event is a half marathon, but there's also a quarter marathon, which is of course just two hundred meters more than 10 km. Usually late August, the half marathon has around six or seven thousand runners, dunno about the quarter marathon. Neither is associated with the Berlin Marathon beyond the fact that they're organized by the same people (SCC Event).

Posted by Sarah
Stuttgart, Germany
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There are several well-priced hotels near the main train station (hauptbahnhof) and this would make more sense than staying in West Berlin.