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2012 Europe Trip Intinerary

My parents and I came up with our trip ideas here they are: Day 1-3 PARIS Day 4- Versailles Day 5- D-Day Beached Day 6- Train to Lucerne Day 7- Lucerne Day 8-10 Berner Oberland Day 11- Train Day 12-13 Barcelona
Day 14- Fly Home from Madrid Does this sound okay or too much? Thanks!!

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You need to look at a map. It is a long ways from BO to Barcelona. It would very tight to almost possible to do get to the D-day beaches from Paris, tour the beaches, and take a train to Lucerne. First, it is a long way to Lucerne and second the beaches are massive and extend for over 50 miles from one end to the other and that doesn't include the areas behind the beaches. You need to overnight in the beach area. I would drop all of Spain and save it for another trip. Spend that time in Switzerland and come home from Zurich.

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Brendon, IMHO, your proposed Itinerary is a bit too ambitious, as you'll have to allow for travel times between locations as well. You'll only have TWO days for touring Paris, as you'll arrive in Europe the day after you depart. You'll also be jet-lagged for a day or two after that, so won't be up to full "touring speed". One area that could be especially problematic is touring the D-Day beaches. That's not ideally done as a day trip from Paris, especially as the battle areas are considerably "spread out". Most (including myself) recommend spending at least one night in Bayeux and taking one of the excellent day tours available in that area. IMO, that's absolutely the best way to get a sense of the history. You may be able to book a half-day Overlord Tour and then return to Paris, but it would be a LONG day! Rather than a LONG train journey from Switzerland to Spain, you might consder using a budget airline. For example, SkyWork Airlines has flights from Bern to Barcelona or Madrid. Flight time is ~1H:40M to Barcelona. I assume your location is in Washington state? You might consder taking a drive up to Edmonds one day and use the free Library at Rick's headquarters. You could also speak with Ricks' staff or arrange a travel consultation. Good luck with your planning!

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I don't understand why you have 2 days in Barcelona and are flying home from Madrid. Do you already have the flights booked? To me it doesn't make sense to go from Barcelona to Madrid to go home, please give us more info. Thanks.

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I second Ken's suggestion of taking a day and driving up to RS Headquarters in Edmonds to do some research there and even schedule a session with one of his travel advisors. Your current schedule needs a tune-up. Good luck and happy travels.