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2009 Hotel booking statistics: Munich most, Nuremberg least expensive published their 2009 hotel booking statistics: 1) In all tourist destinations prices fell 4-5% in 2009 compared to 2008. Hotel rates in Düsseldorf even dropped 13%!2) At the same time the number of bookings grow. In 2009 demand for a hotel room in Dresden grew by 14% compared to 2008. Berlin scored 2nd in growth followed by Munich, Hamburg, Cologne and Frankfurt (in this order).3) An average hotel room still is most expensive in Munich (€98.22), the cheapest on average is in Nuremberg (€83.73).4) Vienna is most popular non-German destination followed by Paris and then London.5) Zurich remains most expensive city in Europe and 5th most expensive in the world. Moscow lost its leading place as world's most expensive city and now scores 2nd behind New York City where the average hotel room is €157.24. The average room rate in Moscow dropped by 32% (!) in 2009...

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I assume those averages were for rooms booked on HRS.

That's why I don't use HRS, or any other booking website.

My last trip (Aug/Sep), I spent an average of €51,75 for four nights in the Munich area. I spent an average of €25,25 for 10 nights outside of Munich, mostly in rural Bavaria. All these were for single rooms, breakfast included.

I just checked on a town in which I stayed in the Allgäu. The least expensive place that HRS offered, a place that I visited and was very nice, was €33 (ÜF) on HRS; the hotel's own website offers the same room for €30. I stayed at another place, for €27; it isn't even shown on HRS.