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20 days in Spain

We are two 40 year old women travelling to spain in May for approx 20 days we will come from Marrakech to Lisbon and was thinking to start our trip in sevilla and end in Madrid, we will then travel onto Egypt and Abu Dhabi. I want to see so much in Spain but I don't want it to end up a Marathon. I would like to spend time in Andalucia, Mediteranean coast and possibly a sailing trip around the Balearic Islands, up to Barcelona,Pamplona, San Sebastian and end in Madrid. We are thinking of driving but would be happy to take trains for long distances. I would like to spend a few days in Barcelona and a few days in Madrid. Any advice on an suitable itineraries for this time frame and not to be missed spots would be great.

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To give me a place to start: is Lisbon the final spot in Portugal; actually what are your Portugal plans -- in order?

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WE (58 yr. old gal and 70 yr. old energetic guy couple)are going to Spain in May also ! Spending time in Andalusian Moorish architecture towns, Basque area and Barcelona. Basque region.
In my travels, we try to keep traveling time by trains/air down to 3 hours. That way you can spend a little morning time, get on a train with your lunch in tow, and end up at your next destination with an afternoon to get oriented and wander around. Also, we use cars for only country sites- no cars in the cities, too much hassle, parking, accidents, etc.
In Andalucia,we are doing a Moors/Jews/Christian towns architecture self tour and I am so excited to see Toledo, Cordoba, Granada(a bit out of the way) and will be in Seville for a few easy days and as a base for day trips by train and rest and wandering- it seems like a great place and I recommend without even being there.I think the Andalucian towns I mentioned are full of history, neat streets, wandering places and would be a not to miss.
I found it hard to get from Portugal to Spain by train, it seemed all stopped at the river border, but buses go across.Try Grupo Damas website.
My suggestion re: the northern part, San Sebastian- seems like a route from Barcelona to Pamplona, San Seb. to Madrid is good.
We will go from Granada to Bilbao by air as the train was too long a trip so we will fly from Malaga or Granada to Bilbao, then get a car for 2 days in the Basque egion and home via Barcelona.
Also, the AVE fast train between Barcelona, Madrid, Seville and maybe Pamplona takes off some time rather than the Spain regional RENFE trains. Have a great trip.