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2 weeks in Northern Spain - May/June

My husband and I are planning to go to Spain for our honeymoon in late May-early June. This is my tentative plan - any specific location or hotel recommendations, or words of advice or caution?

Fly into Madrid, spend 2/3 days (possible trip to Toledo)

Either rent car in Madrid, or take train to Santiago de Compostela and then rent car.

Spend one week to ten days driving across northern Spain, stopping in Picos de Europa, Bilbao, San Sebastian. Stay in Casas Rurales (recommendations?)

Drop off rental car in Girona, take train down to Barcelona.

Spend 2/3 days in Barcelona, take AVE back to Madrid.

Does this sound like a good plan? I lived in Barcelona for a summer back in college, so I know it fairly well and can still fake it in Spanish. Since this will be our honeymoon, I thought Northern Spain was a better choice than Southern, since our goal is to stay off the beaten path and have a relaxing trip.

Thank you!

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Sounds like a good trip. This website Europe road trip planning websiteand Michelin's Green Guide will help you plan your trip and find accommodations. For places to sleep, on the website click Hotels, input your facts, check the Michelin recommended box, hit Search.

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We rented a car in San Sebastian and drove to Santiago de Compostela making great stops along the way. You can see details and pictures at our blog @
We also put links in a spreadsheet and posted that as well.

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You will love northern Spain!! I was there last year and can't wait to go back. I stayed in a Casa Rural, but my friend who lives in Mieres, Asturias, found it for me. It's in a miniscule village called Ceneres, VERY off the beaten path. I was the only guest for the first two nights I was there. :) At any Casa Rural they have a little directory of the Casas Rurales that you can pick up. Most of them have websites. I would definitely recommend the one I stayed in, but you won't be anywhere near there.

The last week of May is a perfect time to go (that's when I was there, too). Flowers are in bloom all over the mountains, and it isn't hot yet. The coastline is beautiful along the Bay of Biscay. Be sure to save a day for Oviedo, too.

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2 recommendations. We just returned from a month in the Spanish Pyrenees (had a WONDERFUL time), spending time from near Bilbao to the northeastern section.

We did not stay in Bilbao itself - you may be more comfortable with driving in Spanish city traffic than we were - but instead stayed in Plentzia nearby (at a youth hostel, but I'm sure you could find hotels). We then took the excellent metro into the city itself - Plentzia is the last stop on the line and it's easy to use.

Second, I strongly recommend a hotel named La Quadra in the town of Macanet de Cabernys. Lovely small village, comfortable rooms with great staff, good nearby walks through olive groves. also - we enjoyed eating lunch at a restaurant at a VERY small village nearby called La Vajol (restaurant=Casa Coumoulis). Macanet/La Vajol are near La Jonquera and the freeway to Girona.

Hope you have a wonderful time. We really had a great trip - I hope we can go back again sometime.

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MJ--Your plan sounds like a good one! We loved our stay at Hotel Residencia Costa Vella in Santiago de Compostela. Hotel Residencia Costa Vella
Congratulation on your marriage!