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2 week Germany, Austria, Czeck trip

Please let me know what you think of this itinerary. I appreciate your feedback. My wife and I will be traveling from may 25 to June 9.
May 25 arrive in Munich.
May 26 Munich
May 27 Salzburg by train
May 28 Munich
May 29 Pick up car in Munich and take off for Fussen, surrounding areas and the castles. Sleep in Reutte.
May 30 Drive Romatic Road to Rothenburg
May 31 Rothebutg/Wurzburg. Sleep in Wurzburg
June 1 Take off for Nurnberg. Sleep in Regensburg
June 2 Take off for Passau, sleep in Hallstat
June 3 Take off for Vienna
June 4 Vienna
June 5 Take off for Prague
June 6 thru 8 Prague
June 9 Drive back to Munich. Fly back home.

Let me know what you think. Nor sure if I am rushing it or not. Also, what is your opinion of taking a new car to Prague? Cheers...

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At that time of year, try to get your tickets for the castles in advanced. The drive from Munich can last 1-2 hours, so unless you leave early, there is a small chance you won't get in. And unless you're sleeping in Fussen, there is no reason to stop there, unless you love souvenir stores and tourist restaurants.

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I have been to most of the places on the itinerary. I'm a big believer in "less is more," but you could have a different level of energy and interests than me. When you stop in one place for the day and then go on to somewhere else, what exactly are you looking for? After awhile one German cathedral/palace/church looks just like the other.

Salzburg is near Halstatt so I wouldn't leave Munich and sit on a train for 3 hours (roundtrip) to see Salzburg. This is what I would do: May 25-27 Munich, May 28-30 the Romantic Road area of Germany, May 31-June 2 the Lake District around Salzburg, June 3-5 Vienna, June 6-8 Prague and June 9 back to Munich.

I have no opinion on taking a car to Prague because I hate driving in Europe (unless somebody else is doing the driving). Happy travels!

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That's not enough time for Vienna or Munich. I would suggest skipping Prague and divide those day between Munich, Romantic Road, and Vienna. You'll be spending too much time in transport and packing/unpacking. We like to find a city/town that has sights of its own and is a good base for taking day trips. A good example is staying in Munich and going to Salzburg or staying in Vienna and going to Melk Abbey.

Also, some rental car companies have issues with you taking their cars to former Soviet bloc countries. Also, if you're going to use your credit card's CDW coverage, you'll need to check if coverage includes former Soviet bloc countries. Finally, if your travels are between major cities (such as Vienna and Munich) and you'll be staying in the major cities, it's far easier to just take the train. Navigiating large European cities is challenging, at best.

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Jack, sounds good, but don't call it a trip to or through Germany as you're only doing Bavaria. All your German spots are within the state of Bavaria. Don't expect the remainder of the country to be just like that. People are different, cities and villages are different e.g. in the river Rhine valley, along the North Sea or Baltic coars, in the Black Forrest, in Berlin etc. Other than that I agree with the post above. Drop Prague e.g. as otherwise not only will you have visited just one single German state, your personal experience of European food would also only be based on freeway rest area restaurants.The Wachau area in the Danube valley between Vienna and Linz is so beautiful and food and wine are so enjoyable there, you will want to let yourself go for an entire day... And I think you should have time to do so during your vaccation.

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I agree with the other posters; Vienna needs at least three days by itself or you will never get a real feel for it.