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2 questions for you seasoned Paris folks......

  1. What's the going rate on cab fare from CDG to the 7eme (last year it was 65.00E)
  2. What the scoop on the best flea markets understanding taste varies....... Merci!
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We really love the flea market at Porte de Vanves. it is only on Saturdays and Sundays in the morning.Vendors start packing up at about 1:00 pm.It is bigger than you would think, but quite easily navigated and quite reasonable in my opinion.

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I like the one at Vanves but I also like the one at Clignancourt. Vanves is small, Clignancourt very large.

I also don't know taxi fare (been too long), we've taken the RER for the last many trips (super easy).

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Hello Christi,

Last June my wife and I took a taxi on that route in the opposite direction. The hotel told us to expect €65, but it was €40, and it took about 30 minutes on a Wednesday morning. The fare can vary depending on the amount of traffic, but that should give you an idea of how much to expect. Have a great trip.

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Christine.. thats not cheap ( 65) but alot depends on time of day, amount of luggage etc.. ( legal off meter fee is one euro per suitcase and 3 euros extra per 3rd and 4th passenger.

I would not expect to pay more unless stuck in horrendus traffic.

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I have no exact experience from the 7th to CDG but from the 15th, just across the border from the 7th, the fare has ranged from 40 to 60 euros, based on traffic and the number of passengers (5 for one trip), traffic and the amount of luggage. I usually set aside 75 euros for the taxi ride but it has never been above 60 euros and once was 40 euros, but we usually arrive early Saturday morning when traffic in Paris is light.