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2 Paris questions re: cooking classes and walkie/talkies

A friend and I are going to Paris for 10 days in mid-September (yay!) and I'd like to take a 1/2 day or 1 day cooking class, taught in English. Several are listed on Websites but are VERY expensive or the sites are in French (which makes me think the class would be too). Does anyone know where I could take a class for $100 or maybe less?

Also, my friend and I may not always do activities together but wanted a simple way to contact each other to maybe meet up at some point during the day. Will American walkie/talkies work in France or should we buy them there? Cost? Would it be cheaper to rent cell phones? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Regarding the walkie-talkies, IMO this is not a very practical idea. Some of the problems include limited range (max. range is usually stated over open terrain - in cities it's going to be much less).

Bringing units from the U.S. is also not a good idea, as the frequencies are different than in Europe. You might find that you're operating on the same frequency as one of the emergency services, which could cause some "legal problems".

Cell phones are a practical solution, and very inexpensive when using text messaging. You may be able to use your U.S. cell phones, depending on which carrier you're with, whether you're on contract or PAYG plan and which handset you're using.

You can also rent cell phones (check Cellular Abroad), but this tends to be somewhat of a "pricey" option.

Good luck!