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2 nights in Lucern or 2 nights in Zurich before flight home

From wengen, we have an extra full day. Our original plan is to take train from Wengen to spend the night in Lucern and then, the whole day in lucern the next day. We have a 10:20 am flight to catch in Zurich.I am at a dilemma if we should change hotel to zurich the night before flight or just spend 2 nights in zurich. first night coming from Wengen then 2nd night before flight THEN just do a full day trip to Lucern. I feel it is more tiring to stay one day in hotel then transfer to another.I wonder if this a good idea. If yes, can you recommend a hotel in Zurich? thanks

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So you do not miss Luzern why not just take a few hours on your train ride back to Zurich and do a stop, see Luzern (if not raining) get back on train and stay in Zurich. We did this last yr since my friend had never been to Luzern. It worked great . The station has lockers for big & small luggage. Our fare was slight more costly than if we would have gone w/o stopping. Hope this helps alittle.

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We were thinking of spending a full day in Lucern on thursday as everyone says it's beautiful and am not sure when I will go back to switzerland as everything is pretty expensive but your idea is good.

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We did similar to what you are considering last fall. We took the train from Murren to Lucerne, checked into our Lucerne hotel -- wandered around the city that afternoon and evening and the next morning -- then took the train to Zurich -- checked into the Park Inn near the airport. Then took the train back downtown Zurich for a few hours. The shuttle at the hotel made it very easy to get to the airport early in the morning. It was a nice, small taste of both cities. We didn't have great weather for either place. If it had been nicer in we would have wished for more time in Lucerne.

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you cannot even compare the 2.Stay as long as you can in lucerne.The train iis only an hour to the airport.You could almost do it that morning since I have.Zurich is fine for a stroll but lucerne is majestic and no one here can contest it.Go up to Engleberg while there you will be blown away especially the Abbey there.Dennis