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2 nights in Bruges 1 in Amsterdam?

I will be traveling to Europe in July for 12 days. I have 3 out of those 11 nights to spend in Amsterdam and Bruges. How should I divide my time? Things to consider: I've never been to Europe, so it will all be new and exciting for me. I'm also traveling alone. Thanks! :)

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I would spend 2 nights in Amsterdam and one night in Bruges. There are a lot more things to see and do in Amsterdam.

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I agree with Byron- one night Bruges, two nights Amsterdam. So much more to see in Amsterdam

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Depends on your itinerary. If Bruges is on the way between Amsterdam and the prior/next destination, then 2 in Amsterdam and 1 in Bruges. If it is out of the way, or if other picturesque towns are available, then Amsterdam 3 and Bruges 0. An example would be if you are going to Paris. I would not go to Bruges and instead take a day trip form Paris to Chartres. While many will howl at the suggestion, and admittedly Chartres is not Bruges, it has the flavor and the magnicifent cathedral as well.

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Brugges is cute, but seriosly don't think its that much fun, especially solo.. it seemed to be all chocolate and lace shops, to me.. boring, and /I am a middleaged woman,, so assuming you are a younger male,,,well... Amsterdam all three nights, or at least 2 of them.