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2 Nights and 3 days to Normandy. MSM and Bayeaux

Hello there: I would like to take side trips from Paris and visit Normandy (DDay), Bayeaux tapestry and MSM prior to the conclusion of my trip in November. Do you think 3 days 2 nights are enough time for me to explore these sites? Is using public transportation doable? If so, do you have any recommendation which bus company to use upon arrival to the station? Thank you in advance for any recommendations that you can provide.

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Earlier this summer, I did almost this exact trip from Paris except we also went to Etretat and needed a car which we picked up from Caen. But even without a car, I think that you can do your itinerary in the time allotted. I am not sure of your budget, but I suggest taking the train to Bayeux and staying at the Hotel Churchill and taking their shuttle to and from MSM. There is bus service from Bayeux to the D-Day beaches. In Bayeux, we also had the good luck to arrive at the cathedral during an organ recital or rehearsal which was lovely so please do not overlook the Bayeux Cathedral. One caveat is that it looks like you are going in November when the days might be short and the weather not be great; I am not sure but I think that the buses to the D-Day beaches only run during the summer in which case you would have to take a taxi to the D-Day beaches if you do not rent a car for that portion of your trip. You could also spend only one night in Bayeux by arriving early and setting the Normandy Beach and Bayeux Tapestry portion of your trip done on the day that you arrive using the half day tour done Normandy Sightseeing. You would then take the MSM shuttle the second day and spend that second night in MSM.