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2 night stay in Provence worth it? Or straight to Nice?

Final Itinerary – I swear! ? Thank you all for your input on my trip ideas. It's been a huge help to know there are people out there you enjoy the trip, and the planning, as much as I do! This is our final itinerary. I can't decide if we should squeeze in a two night stay in St. Remy in the Provence area to have a winery day and see the country or if she should just shoot straight to Nice (we are going to stay in Villefranche). By the way, if we do decide to stop in St. Remy, we will have to rent a car... so that is an added expense. Option #1: July 14: London 15: London 16: London 17: Paris (morning Eurostar to Paris) 18: Paris 19: Paris 20: Paris 21: Paris (lunch train to Nice) 22 Riviera 23 Riviera 24 Rivera 25 fly home Option #2: July 14: London 15: London 16: London 17: Paris (morning Eurostar to Paris) 18: Paris 19: Paris 20: Paris (late train to Avignon, rent car and base in St. Remy) 21: St. Remy/Arles 22 St. Remy/Arles (drive to Nice after lunch) 23 Riviera 24 Rivera
25 fly home

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I assume that you would not keep the car, but just turn it in on arrival in Nice? Sounds doable and you would see some very pretty countryside... I'd definitely go for it, if the budget allows. The only change I would mae would be to leave for Nice in the morning and make it a leisurely day with plenty of stops in between, like in Bormes-les-Mimosas or Saint-Tropez (as examples).

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Take the senic route and drive the car...worth the time and trouble...the countryside is fantastic.

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I know many people love the Riviera. I didn't! We were in Provence for 3 nights and took the train to Nice, rented a car and drove to Villefranche. My husband and I wished we had stayed in Arles and actually flew home 2 days early.

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Having been to Nice, I'd opt for Provence. There are better places to be on the Med. than Nice. Enjoy the countryside, and wine, in Provence.

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Nice did not feel like my idea of the Riviera...busy, but beautiful city with a rocky beach right on a busy street...I would explore the smaller towns near St. Maxime or even Canne (busy also, but seemed more beachy) Also, love the area of St, Remy/ Have been there many times and would go back in a minute. I don't think you can go wrong in this area.

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Villefranche is a nice visit. However some cruise ships anchor right in the bay with tenders right into the town. So sometimes you get day-trippers. On our last visit we no longer felt as confident swimming at the petite pebbly beach because we could see oil slicks or something on the water. We then opted driving to Antibes. Nice is okay only. Monte Carlo is a very easy half day. I haven't done Ezes but we did enjoy St Paul du Vence by car. We really enjoyed Arle. Great farmers market, Roman amphitheatre, the same scene as a Van Gough painting. We took an easy drive to Avignon to see the papal palace and the acqueduct. We weren't impressed with Aix and I haven't done St Remy. I do love Paris though and if this is your first visit Option 2 is racing it IMO.

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Do not miss Provence en route even if it is just for a day! However I would choose Arles over St Remy.
Arles is a great min. 1 day/night for a taste of Provence.

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Thanks for your input! If we stay in Arles should we will rent a car or just take a train to Nice?