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2 iPhone 4S and 1 iPhone 4 in France (Paris and Bordeaux)

6. Will you want to make calls to the US? If yes, just a few minutes, or longer calls? Yes, but just for a few minutes. 7. Will you need to be reachable at all times, or only at pre-arranged times? Pre-arranged would be fine. 6. Are you traveling with others, and do you want to be able to reach your traveling companions? Yes, with husband (we both have 4S and would like to go separate ways sometimes) and yes. 7. Will you be calling local numbers (hotels, restaurants, taxis)? Yes. Will you want to be receiving local calls? Not necessarily. 8. What is your current US carrier and what are your current cell phone models? Does it work in Europe (with a higher fee, of course)? Verizon & we both have 4S. Sister has an iPhone 4. 9. Are you looking for voice and text only, or did you also want data (web browsing, e-mailing, apps)? Don't know. We are staying in an apt in the 7th arr. & have free wifi in the apartment. Would SKYPE be our best bet? (I'm also taking my iPad 2). I've also heard good things about Heytell. Thanks,

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