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2 Days in Switzerland, arriving and flight out the 3rd day from zurich.

I am flying in to Zurich from new york before going to Rome. I will be traveling in august and will have two entire days to myself before leaving on the third day to rome. Since i was landing in Zurich i was planning on spending my entire first day in zurich itself. However i was extremely confused where to go for the second day. I am open to taking trains in such short time and visit any one location. Please advice me where to go for the second day or what do to do.
THank you

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A train ride from Zurich to Luzern is less than 2 hours. That would be the place to go to. Old city Lucern is beautiful,as is the old wooden bridge.
The train station in Luzern is right downtown,close to everything

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Hi max,
thnk you for ur advice. i was myself thinking about lucerne, however since i am going to switzerland for the first time i was just confused whether it would be the best place to visit, which in my terms would be tht it captures the essence of switzerland.

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We were in Switzerland in May. After five nights in Wengen we trained up to Zurich for one night before our flight home. If we had one more day for a side trip it would have been to Stein am Rein--looks to be northeast of Zurich and a short train ride. This little town looks to be very charming and quaint. We hope to visit it when we do another trip to southern Germany.

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Sameed, you really don't have enough time in Switzerland to see very much. My suggestion is to travel in the direction of Rome to shorten your train ride. Lucerne is a bit out of the way but OK. Bern is a bit better.

If you haven't made your train reservations yet, you might consider the night train from Zurich or Bern to Rome. From Zurich, it's a 12.0hr ride on the 313 Luna departing at 21:23 (23:04 from Bern) and arriving in Rome at 9:12. If this works for you, book right away as this train fills up.

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Hi Nadine, thank you for your kind advice and link. the link was especially helpful making me lean more towards lucerne.

Larry i see what your saying and it exactly makes sense if i were taking a night train from zurich to rome. Fortunately by using my prior frequent flier miles i was able to get a free flight ticket from zurich to rome round trip. so on the third day i have flight, thus i get the second day completely free. the night train would have been quite an experience, but this free flight option was cheaper since it was free and will hopefully save me quite some time.

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Hi Sameed

I'm with those folks who are suggesting that you head down to Luzern instead of staying in Zurich. My family and I were in Switzerland earlier this year and we spent time in both Luzern and Zurich. All of us agreed that Luzern was the nicer of the two cities.

You can get a train directly from Zurich Airport to Luzern. The train station in Luzern is in the heart of town and there are lots of hotels nearby where you can stay. We stayed at the Hotel des Alpes across the river from the train station (a 5 min walk) and loved the location.

Whether you decide to stay in Zurich or go to Luzern, I hope that you have a great time.