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2 Days in Bruges

Does anyone have suggestions what to do in the area? Is there anything interesting near Bruges? We will be traveling by train.

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The North Sea beaches are pretty close, if you're there on a warm day. Ghent is also a short distance- on a clear day, you can even see it from the Belfry. Many regular posters (myself included) prefer Ghent to Brugge.

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There are plenty of things to do in Bruges. It is, and should be walked through. Walk the stairs to the top of the tower. Take the brewery tour. Go to the Irish pub. We did and got in the middle of a British batchelor party, with hilarious results. See the Michelangelo sculpture in the cathedral. Stroll around and you'll be amazed at what pops up.

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Take a canal trip, shop, shop for chocolate, shop for more chocolate, walk, walk, walk

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You could rent a bike and ride along the canal to the small town of Damme.

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The Groeninge Museum is also a must-see if you're at all interested in early Flemish painting (van Eyck, etc).

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We spent two nights in Bruges last fall. We did the following: - dined at RockFort - toured the flower/produce market setup in The Markt - took a several-hour Pink Bear bicycle tour, which traveled to nearby Damme and past a few real wind-mills - dined on our first Belgian frites with mayonnaise - toured the church that has a Michelangelo sculpture of Mary and baby Jesus - toured de Halve Maan brewery (the Half Moon) - took a canal boat ride (in light rain) - purchased chocolate from Dumon - failed at finding a good restaurant on night two because we were captivated with dining on the Markt, which is really only full on touristy restaurants - that's why we usually follow Rick's rec's. - We did not climb the bell tower in the Markt, but wish we would have
- We could not tour the Groening museum as it was closed while we were there to switch out the exhibit.

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Pink Bear Bike tours are awesome! From downtown to Damme with a great guide. Canal tours are good if the guide is good, ours wasn't.

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We spent 3 nights in Brugge and wished we could have stayed longer. Loved it. In addition to renting bikes to ride to Damme we spent hours riding all around, and through the town including the residential area.