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2.5 day Paris Itinerary in June, Please Suggest

Our flight arrives in Paris on a Tuesday at 12 noon, so I am thinking we will be checked in by 1 (Rue Cler). I wanted to follow RS itinerary in 2012 guidebook for 3 Days (dropping the first half of it since arriving in PM, and I wanted to stick to his sequence because I am assuming they are geographically planned.) His plan goes like this Day 1: AM Historic Paris Walk (Notre Dame, Ltin Quarter, Sainte Chapelle) PM Louve EVENING Trocadero/Eiffel Tower Day 2: AM Champs Elysees from Arc de Triomphe to grand avenue to Tuilerries Garden. PM Cross bridge from Tuilerries, do ORSAY. EVENING: night time tours Day 3: Versailles Problem is, we are arriving Tuesday, so Louvre is closed. I want to reorganize them but I am geographically challenged. Basically hubby really wants to do Louvre, Orsay, maybe Notre Dame, definitely Eiffel Tower, definitely a Seine cruise. So I was thinking can I do this instead: Day 1 (after check in and lunch so around 3pm) Orsay, EVENING champs elysees and arc de triomphe tuilerries garden and dinner somewhere there Day 2 AM Historic Paris Walk PM Louvre EVENING Trocadero and Eiffel Tower
Day 3 He suggests versailles but I think coming from rome and then all the museums in paris, I will be over museumed or over toured by this. Thinking of replacing this with a relaxing day trip to the countryside somewhere quaint, charming, romantic. NOT SURE WHERE. I read ina lot of blogs 3 days in paris is not enough to go on a day trip because there's so much in Paris. If not, then where in paris can we have a relaxed, romantic, non touristy type of day. Picnic where? At night thinking of doing the seine cruise. Would appreciate your thoughts! Thanks

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I think you are right to question a daytrip in 2.5 days, but it depends on your priorities. For a non-touristy type of day in the city, stick to wandering a neighborhood and settle into a park for a few hours. Buy some pastries, take a book, and enjoy watching the world go by. The Luxembourg Gardens are wonderful, and large, so you would have space to explore should it strike you, or if you head even further afield, Bois du Bologna might be interesting. I haven't personally been there, though, so I can't really say how interesting it might be. Also, not all daytrips have to be entire days (though Versailles pretty much does). So, you could escape the bustle of the city if you wanted. We had a really nice morning in Chantilly, St. Denis is also close, as is Chartres. Those are all less crowded than Versailles, but offer something to see, and are also "quaint." And I would definitely do a Seine cruise at night; we loved it!

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You're being very ambitious to think you'll be to your hotel by 1pm after a 12pm landing. "Arrives at" usually means "on the ground at". You will taxi and disembark, get your bearings, figure out the train system (or take a cab) - I would say you'll be lucky to be checked into your hotel by 2 if everything goes well. Notre Dame is a very easy sight so don't skip it, it's right there and easy to get into. It's climbing the stairs that often has a long wait, but you can skip that. I think you're right to skip Versailles on such a short trip. Paris is a city full of parks, and the city is lousy with quaint, charming, romantic spots. I'd stay in Paris, picnic in the Luxembourg gardens or in another garden - more comprehensive guides to Paris will list many. I'd get another guide book in addition to RS to get a better feel for the various Paris neighborhoods that might give you more ideas on how to spend your 3rd day.

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I also think you should stay in the city for the 3rd day. There's so much to see, not including museums if you'll be museumed out. Definitely go to Notre Dame and Ste.-Chapelle. You can also take another walk - look at Rick Steves' Paris book or other guidebooks for suggestions on city walks.

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No need to go to Versailles. Luxemburg Gardens are a great walk and picnic. Personally, I would suggest walking on the old island, finding an outdoor cafe' and soak in the scenery. Or, if allowed (check with your concierge) bring a light lunch to the Rodin Museum...the outdoor garden and statuary are a great place to view some first rate works of art in a beautiful outdoor setting. If you feel a park is a must another option is to grab a great, ready made baquette sandwich near the eiffle tower park, a bottle light red wine from the Rousillon (SW) and take in perhaps the greatest city- view on the planet. For me, with only a few days to spend, stay in Paris and enjoy. It's a can't-miss town; every corner has a story, you'll love it....