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2-3 Days in Switzerland

My husband and I are flying into Milano at the end of April and want to see Switzerland in 2 days. We arrive in the morning. We want to go to one area by train and spend a couple of night taking in the Swiss experience and head back to Malano or Florence. Thanks for any travel information and recommendations you can provide. Peri.

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What's the "Swiss experience"? Mountains? Banks? Candy? Watches? Heidi?

Seriously, probably Interlaken and thereabouts would serve you best. Many here will champion a specific valley. Take with a grain of salt, then study and decide for yourself.

My only real hint for Switzerland is to take two pocketbooks; but it's worth it.

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As Ed says, the Berner Oblerland is what you are looking for. Rick's Switzerland guidebook has all the details. In April many of the hotels in the mountain villages will be closed during the off season. Your best for lodging will be in Interlaken or Lauterbrunnen.

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In my humble opinion, the mountains of Switzerland are not worth the time in April, for the reasons alluded to above. It is VERY expensive and most of the good stuff is closed or socked in with bad weather at this time of the year (trust me, I've been there in April for both business and pleasure). If you want to see the Alps, just head to the Italian Alps north of Milan. You'll spend less time in transit, and although the Italian Alps are likewise off-season in April, at least you won't pay through the nose to see empty towns, fog and mud.

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I will agree that the Alps are not at their best (for a visit) in late April. But there is more to Switzerland than the Berner Oberland.

Some of the lower elevation areas, particularly on the lakes, can be very nice at the end of April. You could visit a city like Bern or Luzern, AND see the Alps from the windows of the best section of the the Glacier Express, on a nice 3-day loop from Milan. Something like this: Milan to Bern (or Luzern), 3 to 3.5 hours by train; Bern or Luzern to Chur, about 2.5 hours from either one; Chur to Brig on the Glacier Express, then back to Milan, 6.5 hours total.

Lugano is also supposed to be very nice at the end of April, and is only an hour by train from Milan. There are some charming small towns nearby (Gandria, Morcote), accessible by boat from Lugano. This is in the Italian-speaking region (Ticino) but it is still Switzerland.

The first suggestion is probably closer to the general population's notion of a "Swiss experience", whatever that is. . .

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Interlaken is great!

Try Sunny Days Bed and Breakfast run by Dave as a place to stay. It is right down the street from the train station in Interlaken.