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1st trip--Zurich-Innsbruck-instead of Lucerne?

Family of 6 flying into Zurich. We were going to go to Lucerne and then continue to Italy via Lugano. now we are thinking Zurich for 1 day, then to Innsbruck and onto Italy via Verona (then Florence, Pisa and Rome). We thought the train rides would be better via Austria and I read that Inns would be less touristy than Lucerne. We will not be hiking, etc.Does anyone recommend this trip over Lucerne, and why/not?

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My personal opinion is that Lucerne is the most touristy town in Switzerland. Innsbruck, while it gets tourists, has more authenticity and is less crowded. (I stayed in Igls which is just outside Innsbruck and was treated to a very beautiful sight. The sky was covered with clouds. After dinner, I took a walk and at that time of day, the color of the clouds, and the color of the snow on the mountains was the same. You couldn't tell where one started and the other ended. It was like the sky and horizon were enveloped in white; like I was surround by one big marshmalllow. Gorgeous.)

I'd choose Innsbruck over Lucerne. And the ride through the Tyroleans will be worth it.