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Weather in Paris

Hi, we have been in Paris since the 12th and it has been chilly every day except one day, and Wednesday was 80 degrees Fahr as the high for that day. The humidity is low, mornings and nights are cool. I have had on a sweater or jacket every day. We went to the top of the Eiffel last night and people were wrapped in warm coats (think quilted fall jackets, down vests, windbreakers layered over sweaters and etc.).

We are from the Phila, PA area and are used to 90+ degrees each summer day with 90+ humidity so the weather is cool for us. I wish I would have skipped the skirts and bermudas and brought another pair of long pants/khakis.

My point is, check the weather, before you go so you can relate the weather for your trip to what you are normally used to where you live.

We are having a great time!

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That's real good advice (above): check a weather forecast such as before you go, as in a week before you go, 2 days before you go, and then again right before you go. For gosh sakes, don't just rely on something you read here, or in a book, about what the weather was when someone else was there last year or the "typical" weather. If you want to avoid inconvenient surprises.

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Sorry, Kent, the better advice is just be prepare to all weather. Even a week out a forecast can be off. I posted a couple of times about how we believed everyone when advised that Rome is always hot and then encountered a week in June two years ago that was so cold that the sidewalk cafes would not open. If we visit Rome in August, I will take my jacket -- just to insure that it is always hot.

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We have been in Paris since July 1st and have been freezing! I am so glad I brought my jeans and cardigans. I bought a scarf at one of the soldes and it has been a big help too. It has just started to warm up.

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Just met people from France traveling here in California. To sum it up, they said it seems like it has been two-week periods of alternating good/bad weather. They suggested using, which is the French weather site.

My suggestion is to try and find as many weather sights as you can and get 10-day forecasts. I agree that you should check them several times before you go.

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It is a good idea to check the weather before you go, but if you are traveling for an extended time it is impossible to know what it will be in the future. I agree that it is best to pack for all conditions. For our 3 1/2 week summertime trip two years ago there was a heat wave when we arrived. I was told by family members that were already in Europe that it was very hot and there was no reason to bring any kind of jacket. I live in a hot, dry climate, so all I brought was a windbreaker. Halfway through our trip the weather changed and it became cold (to me anyway) and rainy. I ended up having to buy a sweater to layer with my windbreaker. If you bring thin sweaters/jackets that you can layer, they won't take up much room in your bag and you will be prepared for any weather condition.

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Last summer when I was in Paris, it was practically drizzling every day. It's a good tip to check the weather.