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I would like to see a bullfight in Spain. Will be there in June. Which city? Suggested sites?

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The bullring in Madrid is called Las Ventas, from what I've read the best time to see the fights are in May and June, so it sounds like you'll be there at the right time. They are normally held on Sunday at 7PM. A couple of good websites to research this are, and Las Ventas has a website but I can only find it in Spanish. BTW, is a great site to utilize for all things Spain, not just Madrid, it has messageboards, hotel and hostal recommendation and links, one of the best sites on the net in my opinion.

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Without wishing to get into the age-old conflict of La Maestranza (Seville) vs. Las Ventas (Madrid), I'd recommend that you keep your eyes open for tickets to a Novillero fight. The novilleros are younger fighters (the bulls are also younger) and they tend to have more spunk and daring (Once a bullfighter gets wealthy, he also tends to become "safe". Also, the same price will get you much better seats. My personal pick would be Seville. Avoid the small pueblos during their feria (festival) unless you are looking for a tawdry bloodbath. Also think about Ronda or Cordoba, as both have beautiful plazas.

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Yes I have seen in the guide books the bullfights are mostly on Sundays...but what if we can't go on a sunday??? Are there other options/events like bullfights that we can see? Sundays happen to be a lot of our travel days...Thanks!

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Just got back from Spain. Bull fights are on Sundays. Check in the city you are in for a tour of the bull fighting ring. We toured Sevilla's ring. About a 30 minute tour in both English and Spanish. If I remember correctly it was 4E each.