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15/16 days by rail in late October - what to do?

Hi there,

My husband and I will be traveling to Europe in late October. Flying into Copenhagen and out of Zurich. We have 15-day global Eurail passes. Our main goal on this trip is to see scenery. We're more into small towns than cities. Here's our rough itinerary:

Day 1: Arrive Copenhagen in the late afternoon. Spend night in Copenhagen.
Day 2: Day and night in Copenhagen.

Day 3: Day in Copenhagen area, take overnight train to Cologne.
Day 4: Arrive in Cologne (just as a way point) and take train to Rhine area. Spend night on the Rhine (maybe Bacharach?)
Day 5: Another night in the Rhine Valley. Maybe in Bacharach or Rothenburg.
Day 6: Travel to Munich (just using Munich as a base, really.) Night in Munich area.
Day 7: Day trip from Munich to Fussen. Night in Munich area.
Day 8: Train to Salzburg. Night in Salzburg.
Day 9: Day in Salzburg area. Night in Salzburg. (Maybe a day trip to Hallstatt.)
Day 10: Day in Salzburg area. Night in Salzburg.
Day 11: Train to Milan. Again, using Milan just as a base. Really couldn't care less about the city at this point. Night in Milan area.
Day 12: Day and night in Milan area.
Day 13: Take the train to Bern (via Chur). Night in Bern.
Day 14: Day and night in the Bern area.
Day 15: Day and night in the Bern area.
Day 16: Make our way to Zurich in the early afternoon for a flight late in the day.

We are very open to suggestion. We view train travel as part of the vacation - not as a chore. Is there anything glaring that we should take out/add/substitute? Are there places on the list that really wouldn't be worth it in late October? Would it be best to stay in cities such as Munich, Milan, and Salzburg or are there other places that would be better given that we're not really looking for the "city" experience on this trip? Thanks! =)

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Your plan sounds good to me. But, like you, I really enjoy train travel. I don't consider day train trips wasted time. I find it relaxing to just sit back and enjoy the scenery. Of course, I'm not a jaded traveller yet, so almost every view from the train window is new to me.