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Which Eurail Pass?

I am having a hard time deciding whether to do a select or global Eurail pass. I will be flying into frankfurt then to munich(1)--> fussen(1) -->munich (1)-->venice (2)-->rome(3)-->vernazza(3)--->interlaken(3)-->barcelona(4)-->madrid(4) (x)denotes days in city Is a 5 country pass valid in this situation? ( I'll be passing through austria and france). It looks like I have 8 days of travel, but I might want to go to the outskirts of some of these cities for day trips. My trip will last a total of 22 days. Does a p2p method sound feasible here? I can buy the 21 days global pass but that seems too much. Any help is appreciated.


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Without doing a detailed analysis, I would say that up to Vernazza, a railpass would not pay. Under those circumstances, a 21 day global pass wouldn't pay either.

You should be able to get from Frankfurt to Munich cheaper without a pass. It might require advance purchase (but so does the pass) or take a little longer using regional trains, but it can be done cheaper.

Definitely, from Munich to Füssen to Munich would not justify a pass.

Again, with advance purchase, Munich to Venice should be cheaper without a pass.

Distances within Italy (Venice to Vernazza) are short and not that expensive P2P.

That leaves 3 days, less than the minimum for a railpass. Whether those 3 days, plus 2 of the others will add up to enough to justify the pass, I can't say, but I doubt it.

Certainly, not all eight days are justified.

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For your travel listed above in Italy, you certainly don't need a pass. Standard 2nd Class fare to Rome from Venice is 56.10Euro on the Eurostar. Standard 2nd class fare to Vernazza from Rome is 33.70Euro. The standard 2nd class fare to Brig, Switzerland from Vernazza (just to get across the Swiss border) is 47.30Euro.