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14 days in France

We have only 13 or 14 nights in France in Nov. Been to Paris before. What are the best areas to visit during this time?

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My answer is still Paris, I mean what you've been two or three times for a week or two? LOL Thats not near enough time to say you are done with Paris. I guess the season has a lot to do with it, of course there are lots of interesting areas/towns/ cities to visit, but to me so many of them are fair weather type places, and in November I would expect alot of rain . At least in Paris you can spend alot of time indoors at museums. If you hate museums this could be a problem though.

As always queried,, what are your specific interests?

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Maybe not Provence: day time temps in the 50's in most of Provence that month and Nov is also the rainier part of the year.

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The weather should be tolerable just about anywhere you go in November, so I would ask what interests you? History? Food and wine? Natural scenery?

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How about the D-Day beaches on Veterans Day, for a really meaningful trip that you will never forget. Normandy is beautiful with wonderful small towns. We enjoyed our stay in Bayeaux, but there are many more.

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Will you have a car? If so you could get it at Orly and easily drive down the A6 to Burgundy, the Rhone Valley, and then to Provence ,and then back up to Paris. Maybe, 2 nights in Paris, 3 in Burgundy, 2 in the Rhone valley, 5 in Provence, and then back to Paris or Lyon and fly home.Send me a private message if you want accommodations .