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Brussels in one day

We have from 6 a.m. until 7 p.m. to see Brussels. Any suggestions on the must sees? We have an 8, 13, 17 year olds with us. Thanks

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Among other things, you might enjoy a choclate shop visit and tour. For a short visit, go to Rachael Ray's Food Network "Forty Dollars a Day" show on Brusels for food and sightseeing tips.

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We're in a similar situation. We land at Brussels airport at 7:30 a.m., and we depart the airport at 5:30 p.m. We're hoping to just go enjoy a Chocolate store/tour, eat some mussels, waffles etc., enjoy the Grand Platz and see Mannequin Pis.

BTW -- Traveling with kids 7 and 11.

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Kids could possibley enjoy the comics museum, although besides the Smurfs, even most American adults won't recognize too many of the characters.

Oh, but I forgot- Mini Europe, near the Atomium: What kid wouldn't love this?

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12 hours in brussels? just enough time to see the best stuff.

  1. get a light breakfast in any number of small family restaurants in the area around the central station. I would get it to go and follow step 2.

  2. from the train station, jump on a subway train(I think line 1A) to brupark. there you will find a beautiful park (similar to Hyde Park or Central Park). They have trees, streams, green grass, and a replica of an atom magnified like a billion times. seriously, its HUGE.

  3. take the train back to the Grand Place for an early dinner. I recommend mussels. They are delicious and you get tons of them. Then go see the manniken pis, get a beer, get a waffel, and go on your way to your next destination.

  4. (Optional) if you are there after dark, there is a really cool light show in the grand place every half hour or so. there is also a big office building with some crazy lights on it, best when viewed after half a dozen trappist beers, at you intelectual peak.

happy travels!

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Adam, thanks for the tip on the lights at night on the Grand Place. Do you know if it is like that every night or just certain nights? I will be there 4 nights in August and it sounds like something worth checking out. Thanks!

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Sorry Umberto, I'll be there in July. Maybe you'll have time to give me a tip or two. So far these suggestions look like they'll help me and I've talked with an acquaintance who returned last month. She said generally the same thing: Chocholate, Mussels, waffles.

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A full day in Brussels will suffice - it's fairly compact. The Grand Place is the obvious must-see, as are the surrounding environs and side streets. I enjoyed the short walk to the Royal Art Museum and palace, just up the hill in the Upper Town. Brussels is also known for its cartoons i.e. the Smurfs and Tintin; I found the museum quite fascinating and possibly a good one for the kids. The Royal Palace (the official residence of the king) at Laeken and the Atomium, both on the outskirts of town, also make for a good stroll if you have time. Have a great day there!

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I will also be in Brussels for a day--- is there a place at the airport to stash your luggage? Is there a convenient train station at the airport? How long does it take to get from airport to city for some kind of tour? Are there any tour agents to recomend for an expeditious tour of the day?

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Hi "Oneday" I have looked at this web site for city tours: Also, both the Airport and the central train station are reported to have "left luggage" offices, so you should be able to store your stuff; that is our plan. I think the concensious here is that one day in the center of town is perfect. Linda

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Brussels airport has coin-operated luggage lockers in the lower bus station level. Right below that is the train station....4 times an hour, and less than half an hour, to Brussels Centraal station. Don't bother with a tour guide....the tourist area is compact in the center of the city, and any good tour book like Rick's will do a good job guiding you around.