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Atlantic Coast Drive

I'm visiting my sister who lives in Le Mans (student exchange). We want to rent a car and then drive to La Rochelle, Royan ferry, the Medoc region, maybe Bordeaux or St. Emilion, and then back to Le Mans. We would like to drive along the coast on the way south, and then inland on the way back. We will have about 4 days to do this trip.

I'd like to see La Rochelle (the port, the aquarium, a museum), a winery or two, a few beaches and a coastal fishing village, something medieval, and perhaps the sleeping beauty castle.

I'm not too keen on spending much time in Bordeaux, because I've visited before, and I want to do things with the car that are not easily accessible by train. We are going in March, so it shouldn't be too busy.

I can't decide if I am asking too much for 4 days, or if I'm not planning enough.

Anyone have any suggestions for towns and/or beaches?

Things not to miss?

Places to eat?
Places to stay?

What wineries will be welcoming, but not too expensive for folks on a budget. I know many of the wineries in the region are the best in the world (Chateau Latour, Chateau Margaux)

Anything I haven't thought of?

Any good resources, I can't find all that much on the interwebs. I've ordered the Michelin guide for the French Atlantic Coast, although shipping is taking a while.

Thanks in advance for helping!

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