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Car Rental at CDG

Has anyone used AutoEurope to rent a car at CDG? Thanks

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I understand that Auto Europe is not a rental company but a broker that sends you to rental companies (Hertz, Avis, etc). Who did they give you at CDG?

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AE owns no vehicles. The service/quality is only as good as the outfit they foist you off upon.

The problem with renting through any consolidator is that you've already paid and if you have a problem, you can't walk over to the next counter and get them to match the deal.

I'll use AE, but only if they're the cheapest by far - - even then I hold my breath since about a third of the time something's screwed up.

I've no idea if I've ever used them at Roissy, or if I did, what the results were. Odds are, probably not.

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We have used Hertz for rentals in both France and Italy. We have had good experiences with Hertz. For example, in France, we had a car that needed oil. We bought a big jug and kept the receipt. I believe the cost of the oil was then just deducted from our bill.

Hertz might be a bit more expensive but we have been given two Mercedes and a Lancia. Nicer cars even though my husband was panic stricken the entire time! :)

We have an American Express card that we use when renting cars. It provides us with $100,000 worth collision, damage and theft. You can use the rental for 42 days with the coverage. It might be worth checking into a AmEx card,if you don't have one.

We have been very happy with Hertz rentals at CDG.

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Thanks for the info - One more question. Do any of the car rental companies include liability? I plan to rent with my American Express card which gives me CDW but not liability.

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A couple of years ago, I rented a car through Hertz at CDG. Except for the "shock" of the extra insurance charges (higher than the daily car fee, which I declined, as I had a gold credit card), all went well. There is more than one Hertz office at CDG, so things can get a bit confusing when you try to return the car to CDG. When you are staying in Paris, do not rent a car! There are very few parking lots and virtually no parking spots on the street available near your hotel or apartment rental. As well, driving inside the Peripherie can be very, very confusing for the non-local. Only rent a car for the times you leave Paris. Should you need to rent a car at the airport, the commuter train from Gare du Nord to CDG is about 25 minutes, and hassle-free.