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12 or 13 days beginning in Munich in December...Where would you go next?

Hi[INVALID] I need to rephrase my original post. We are flying into Munich in early December. We want to stay there 2 or 3 days, then at some point go to Obertraun/Hallstatt for about 4 days. If you were us traveling with a 4 year old, where else would you go to stay a few nights without feeling rushed? Thanks for the help!

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Hard to say without knowing your time frame for the whole trip, but how about Venice or Florence? From there you could go to Milan or perhaps Rome for the flight home.

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have you considered the Romantic road, Rothenberg, Wurzburg, Nuremburg, Christmas markets; you will be avoiding the Alps. Black Forest in Winter ius supposed to be special

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We have thought about the Romantic Road, but want to save that for when it is green. We just love mountains and fell in love with the Hallstatt area last year. We just didn't stay long enough anywhere last year to really rest, step back and appreciate it...only in photographs. Looking at the map, we thought maybe Berchtesgaden or Ramsau would be nice to stay for a couple of nights to explore the surrounding area. Then, maybe a night near Prien before heading back to the airport the night before we fly home. It will be a total of 12 or 13 days.

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A big factor, too, is how you're traveling. Are you taking trains or driving? That will determine some of your choices. I would highly recommend doing a farmhouse stay with your 4-year-old, if it's possible (might be hard without a car, they tend to be on the outskirts of towns). A good website is for finding farmhouses in Germany. You can also go on the tourism website for a specific town and do a search. Farmhouses rent out rooms or apartments pretty reasonably. You can pick one with more of an emphasis on kids with tons of animals there. We stayed at one with our son, who was 3, and he had a blast. We were in St. Wolfgang, not far from Hallstatt. There were lots of kid things to do in the area, but this was in August, not sure what will be open in December. Salzburg may be another option. My son loved the fortress, the gardens at Mirabell, and the trick fountains (which may be closed in December) at Hellbrun.