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12 days in spain: what do you think?

We are soon to head off to Europe and New York for a short trip. We have 12 days in spain:arriving 24 June for 4 nights in Madrid, then fly to Granada on 28 June where we hire a car and drive to Ronda, We spend 2 nights there (28-9 June) before returning to Granada for 2 nights( 30june-1 july) We fly out the next evening to Barcelona where we have 4 nights(2-6July)...12 nights in all..

My questions are: 1. should we try to drive to Cordoba or Seville from Ronda or on our way back to Granada after Ronda?
2. What are the best villages to head to from Ronda or between Ronda and Granada?
3. Any other suggestions for this part of the trip? Does anyone know of any festivals or special events at this time of year?
$. Any suggestions for day trips from Barcelona. We won't have a car there?

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sevilla is close enough to ronda that you can do it; actaully a pleasant drive. i believe its a couple of hours.
there are several little white towns close by ronda. i n all honesty, i preferred to walk around ronda.
when in ronda, think about going to the ceuva de pilates (i believe that's it). rick talks about it.
pre-historic cave drawings and not too touristy.

as a yank, i don't want to leave out a pitch for NYC.
walk, walk walk. do all th ehighlights of course (Met. MoMa, C. Park, the village-wonderful out of the way-postage stamp size restaurants in village); but... if you get a chance, go to the 'tenament museum' (lower east side). it will give you the truest sense of NY Hx, than anything i can think of. enjoy!

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You won't have much of a chance to do either Sevilla or Cordoba on your way back from Ronda to Granada. Both cities are in opposite directions from your line of travel. For example, it'll probably take you 3 hours to drive from Ronda to Sevilla, find a place to park, and get into the historic city center...then 3 hours to drive back to Granada. That'll chop a day out of your schedule, at the expense of Ronda and the surrounding villages, and without a real chance to see much in Sevilla. Take the time, instead, to tour the towns around Ronda. Another nice place is Zahara de la Sierra, hanging on a mountainside about 20 minutes northwest of Ronda.
There's an international dance festival in Granada from the end of June through the beginning of July...different kinds of dance, but it includes flamenco. Each of the little towns also has its "Saints" day which is usually cause for a party....but I usually just happen upon might have to do a direct search under each town's name to see when those might be.
Personally, I'd chop a day off Barcelona and add it to Andalucia.

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Thanks for the tips re Ronda. In NYC we are staying in East village and have friends in upper east side we are visiting..have been before and will do MOMA and Met and central park and your museum which sounds interesting too.