11eme arondisement paris, france

Hi! I am thinking of renting an apartment in the 11eme arondisement in Paris for 6 months. Does anyone have any experience with this area? Is it a safe neighborhood with restaurants, etc. in the area? Thanks.

Posted by Bets
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The 11th has become very trendy. There are a lot of new shops and restaurants.

Posted by Norma
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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The 11th is a large arrondissement, not really a neighbourhood. Where exactly is the apartment located .... that would be the relevant neighbourhood. I like the 11th a lot, having once stayed close to Pl. de la Bastille and very often at Pl. de la Nation . Both "places" have weekly outdoor markets; Bastille is on Sunday and Nation is on Saturday. Tons of restaurants, shops of all kinds, department stores, whatever you are looking for, plus good transportation options.

Posted by Charlotte
Paris, France
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I agree with Norma.
I've lived in the Republique area for quite some time and loved it there, and now the Place de La République is newly renovated, it's safe and with a good atmosphere, all the more so as you'll find many restaurants and cafes and bars nearby on the rue Oberkampf !

Posted by Norma
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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Charlotte's post reminds me that two years ago we did stay in the Republique area and it was fun to find our way around that new (to us) neighbourhood. Hated the hotel we booked (The Annexe, ghastly place) but the location was great.

Posted by Holly
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I am SO glad to see others wanting to stay in the "outer" arrondisements! They're wonderful for getting away from the tourist crowds and give you more of a feel of the real Paris. And the tourist sites are still easily reached by Metro. I've stayed more central (4th, 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th) and also in the 10th and 13th (I keep working my out!). And renting an apartment is definitely more like living there (I've done both apartments and hotels and much prefer apartments). Enjoy!

Posted by Debi
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I am also renting an apartment in the 11th for part of my Paris stay this September. I have stayed in all the "most stayed in" areas and want a different
neighborhood feeling. I will also spend a week or two in the 1st, one of my favs. Happy Travels!