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when to book hotel

Hi everybody. Planning a late-summer trip to Europe, with our Amsterdam/Paris leg scheduled for mid-late August. When should we book our hotels/hostels?

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As soon as you know when you'll be there. Even in August, you never know if you'll be competing with events or festivals. And you're sure to be competing with other tourists.

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Like previous poster mentions, festivals can play a huge factor in getting a room for cheap, or not. I'd definitely look up what festivals are happening during the weeks you are there.

I was fully intending to go to Amsterdam last August but the weeks I was available to do so turned out to be the middle of the huge Gay Pride festival. Half-nude guys dancing on floats doesn't phase me in the least, but I could not find a hostel bed, B&B room and all the hotels were priced well out of my range those weeks. I had to skip Amsterdam and went to Belgium instead.

Also take into account that a lot of shops and restaurants in Paris shut down in August because all the locals take vacation. You'll still be able to see all the major tourist sites - but in some neighborhoods you get less of a choice when it comes to eating/drinking and other services.

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Book as soon as you know. You can always cancel later - just be sure you know the cancellation policy.

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I agree with the others as soon as you know your dates, book.

Some hotels will only allow you to book only 3-6 months in advance max,depending on the facility so get it done.