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Transportation from CDG airport to Paris

We are travelling to Paris in a couple of weeks. Our hotel says it is a 5 minute walk from the train stop that goes from CDG into the city. We would like to take that but we both have bad backs. We can wheel luggage onto the train if it is the same level as the platform getting on and off. If we have to carry it up steps we're in trouble. Does anyone know? And is this the best way to get from the airport to the 14th? We've used the airport trains in London and they were fine, but Rome was very difficult.

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Having the hotel name or address would help. The train in is the RER B line. I can only picture one stop in the 14 Arr and it's right at the edge. Otherwise it's a line change with a level change. The rer is the deeper line. The elevators and escalators don't always work and there's going to be steps to get to the street in any case. Trains are not exactly level with platforms. I think you're looking at a cab for about sixty bucks.

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Be kind to your backs and take a taxi. Why start off your stay in Paris with back aches.

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The 14th could be Denfert or Cite U. Both have stairs and escalators, and both are usually working, but there are no guarantees. However, even rolling from the platform onto the train, you have to lift the bag to "hop" it onto the train, not a step, just a little hop over. As Norma said, be kind to your back. Once you know the lay of the land, you can take the RER back out to the airport.

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Hi, I have a bad back and we hired a car service, it was going to a little bit more than a cab, but it was so easy to be greeted with a sign with my name on it and get help with the baggage. Well there had been a huge accident that morning and all of Paris was clogged up. Our ride took twice the amount of time, but since we hired a car it was one set price. If we had taken a cab I'm afraid of what the meter would have read. So glad we did that. May be an option for you.

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If you cannot lift the baggage at all, get a cab.

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I booked a shared van fron the airline that I flew with (Delta). Dropped us off right in fromt of the hotel, and was waiting right outside of baggage claim at CDG. Minimal walking involved. It was prepaid using the airline website, and price was fair. I did not book hotel through Delta, only one way transport.