Spain/ car rental

Planning on a trip to northern Spain for 3 weeks in June, 2014 and am asking if anyone has ever rented a car to travel in Spain. Which rental companies did you use? What is the price per week? How was your experience driving in Spain? Thanks and best, Pedro

Posted by Brad
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We rented a car for several weeks, picking up in Barcelona and ping in Cordoba. I just shop all the options and go with the best deal possible. In this case, autoeurope had the best offer. I can't recall the exact price, but it was very reasonable for a small four dour manual transmission. We traded for a diesel at the rental shop for an extra 5 euro charge, but I'm sure we saved much more than that in fuel (ended up putting 3,000 km on the car). Plan to pick up as you leave the first city (at a pickup site downtown close to your lodging) and off (close to your lodging) before your last city. The driving is fine. We really experienced no traffic outside of city centers. I'd avoid the AP (autopista) roads. They're toll and don't save enough time to be worth the price. Use the A roads as much as possible. The N roads also work fine but are smaller and go through, rather than skirt, towns. I posted a review on this site under the title, "Spain, affordable lodging, clean bathrooms" (or something like that). That may be worth looking at.

Posted by Marbleskies
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Spain requires an International Drivers License obtainable for $20 at AAA. The fine for not having the IDL is an on the spot 200 euros. Consider the $20 spent as good travel insurance.

Posted by Kathryn
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I'm renting a car in Spain this fall. It will be second time I have rented in Spain. I have used Auto Europe in Spain and a number of other countries. I have always been very pleased with their services. My first rental in Spain in 2010, we actually had a pretty significant scrape on the car when we returned it - and were never asked to pay damages (a fluke, I'm sure).
The car I am renting in October this year is costing $165 for a week.