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10th in Paris

Is the 10th arrondissement a safe and decent place to stay in Paris? I know its a little farther out than some which doesn't bother me too much, but sometimes being near major train stations can be a bit seedy it seems to me. Just asking. Stan

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Hi, Which of the two train stations are staying closer to in the 10th arrond? Gare du Nord or Gare de l'Est? Yes, they're safe. But as regards to being " seedy" I'll say bertween the two area around Est is a bit more so, still not a big deal. Maybe I am used to Nord more since I always stay there. Est is a much nicer, pleasing station, while Nord is functional. Both stations have some very nice, ie, pricey hotels right opposite of them...depending on your budget. What makes Nord as better place to stay than Est is its convenience relative to the RER (going to the airport), EuroStar, the buses, the metro...a junction point for all as well as direct connections to Gare de Lyon and St Lazare. Alot more tourists are in the Nord area but North Americans are relatively few in contrast to others.

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Bits of it are OK, bits of it are a bit dodgy. I'd check on Google Streetview.

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Thanks so much to all those who replied with their input so far. I was surprised at how quickly people responded and all was very informative. Stan

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We've staid in the 10th were glad we did. Yes, you will see a few more street people around, but they don't bother anyone. Its an up and coming neighborhood, kinda like the Lower East Side in New York in days gone by. With lower rents, it tends to attract young chefs opening new restaurants. Parisbymouth lists the most recommended spots here. The area by the Canal St Martin is nice.

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Most of the 10th is fine, but it depends on which street and the address on that street. Where are you inquiring about? We stayed in the 10th for 6 months a few years ago, so I can tell you, if you have the address or cross streets. It's not that far out. I regularly walked to the Louvre, Pompidou, Latin Quater, Opera and department stores.