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10th arrondissement

I'm considering an apartment in the 10th and was wondering about people's experiences in that part of Paris. Thanks.

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thanks so much. the apartment looks nice, but i'd like to be able to walk to a lot of places instead of spending time on the metro. and, yes, it is my first trip.

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It's a bit out of the way for most stuff (about a mile and a half to Notre Dame, maybe). You'll need a batch of metro tickets. The appearance changes fast, but nothing bad about any of it. There's really nothing stereotypical of Paris to it, so you might be disappointed with absence of 'Parisian charm' if this is your first trip.

If you've got a good deal, go for it. Other things being equal, move on.

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We just got back from Paris and had a good deal on an apt in the 2nd near the Montorgueil Market. We did not love the area at all--spent lots of time on the Metro--bought lots of Carnets of tics. And walked quite a few miles. IMO the best areas to stay in are the Marais, Latin Quarter, St Germaine, and Eiffel Tower area or on the Ile. These areas will enable you to walk to the popular sights and the best restuarants and they have more charm. However, apt rentals will cost more and have to be booked WAY ahead--like maybe 6 months.

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I agree with Susan: the 4th, 5th, 6th arrondissements, and - ok - maybe even the 7th. The 10th is ok around Place de Republique where it abuts the 3rd, but otherwise - maybe not for your 1st trip.

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We ride the bus all over Paris and we stay in the 9th. Love the area. Do no do metro. Get to see a tour of Paris every day as we ride to where we are starting our adventure for the day. We usually walk (I use a scooter) back in the late evening and look for a small bistro with good prices on chalk board on the sidewalk and stop and eat dinner. Lunch is a baguette, with ham and cheese, some chips and a piece of fruit with a cold drink in a small cooler we take with us. Wife likes the chicken baguette. Breakfast in in the studio we rent. Doing it this way, total food bill per day is usually less than 55E for 2.

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I recently stayed in the 10th on my first trip to Paris. We thought it was great. I disagree with the idea that it will lack Paris charm. We stayed in apt with no other tourists. The neighborhood was real Paris, not a tourist hangout. It was great finding the best boulangerie and fromagerie in our own neighborhood. We could walk to Montmartre very easily and there were Metro stops to choose from all around.

It depends what you want. Obviously there's a convenience to staying right in the Marais or the Latin Quarter - I wouldn't discourage that. But if you like walking around all different neighborhoods, not just the tourist attractions and you're willing to take the metro, dont' discount the 10th. I loved our quiet little street among the locals. Great restaurants, too!

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My experience in the 10th was similar to Claire's. I loved it. It was incredibly easy to get to any point in the city (including the airport) quickly via public transit.

The 10th is where many middle class Parisian families reside and it offered a great assortment of stores and restaurants that were much, much cheaper than the ones you find in the heavily touristed areas. And I believe you will also get more space for your money if you rent an apartment in the 10th vs. the other areas mentioned.

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Norma, get the address of the place that you are thinking about staying, plug it into Google maps, and turn Street View. Now go up and down the streets and check things out.

That is what we did when we rented our 1 bedroom apt at the top of the 15th last year.

For $90 EU/nite we found a one bedroom apt.that was two blocks from the Metro, and was near lots of shops and restaurants. We even had an Eiffel Tower view (when we leaned outside the windows. LOL!)