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Warnemunde to Berlin?

next July on our cruise one our ports in Warnemunde. We get into port at at 7 in the morning and leave at 7:30 pm (19:30). We are wondering if we can go to Berlin for the whole time and if we have enough time to go and get back. How much might it cost for 3 adults on the train roundtrip? Thanks! What should we see in Berlin in this short of a trip? Thanks!!

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Hi, Arriving at 0700 and making your dep time at 19:30, you have ample time to see Berlin. First, you'll have to go through Rostock Hbf. to catch the Regional train to Berlin. You'll have time to see major sights in Berlin Mitte.

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No, you don't have ample time to see Berlin. You've got time to catch a tour passing the main sights. You won't be able to do any muesums or any of the castles. It's doable, it makes sense and it's a very popular option to visit Berlin when in Warnemünde. But it's going to be a rather stressful day. Based on this July's information the train ride is 3 hours and 15 minutes and requires one change at Rostock Hbf. So all in all you'll be on trains a total of 7 of your 12 hours - and given that it may take some time to get off board let's assume you've got a net land time of 10 hours. What you're looking for on is from "Warnemünde Fähre" to "Berlin Hbf". The basic one-way fare is €39 HOWEVER if booked in advance etc. you can get a roundtrip for two for under €50.

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The problem with advance booking is that the ticket is train specific and not refundable. If the cruise ship is an hour late getting into Warnemunde, you're probably SOL. However, an advance purchase, discount ticket requires at least one train of the Bahn (ICE/IC/EC) on the connection, and all the connections I see around 7 am are regional trains, for which the discount tickets are not available. If this is a weekend day, you could use a Schönes-Wochenende-Ticket (42€ for up to 5 P, all day). The Quer-durchs-Land Ticket (56€ for 3 adults) is for workday travel, but cannot be used before 9 AM. (You could purchase regional tickets to the first station you arrive at after 9 AM and use the QdLT after that.)

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Just returned from a cruise with Holland America with Warnemunde as our last port. HA disembarks passengers on HA shore excursions first. If you are doing a trip on your on I would not recommend going into Berlin. Three hours each way..I went to Rostock and it was not that exciting but St. Mary's Church is Worth a visit with an interesting clock. The area near the port is also nice..they were having a street fair the day we were there and worthy of
a nice walk around the city.

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Your cruise company will probably offer an excursion with train to Berlin. If you book an excursion through the cruise line you don't have to worry about getting back in time for ship departure.

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We too have been on a Baltic cruise on Holland America with Berlin as an offering; the cruise-sponsored excursion had an issue with the rail, so the excursion departed on a chartered bus. I would NOT go on my own by rail to Berlin in case of missing the boat. Berlin does deserve more time than a drive by, but a few hours at least will give you a taste for it. We took a local tour and enjoyed a relaxing day rather than a rushed one; St Petersburg is tiring!