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Paris metros

My husband and I will be going to Paris for our first time in a couple of weeks. We were wondering how safe the Metros are at night, or if we should avoid them. I would appreciate any info on this. Thanks.

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After 10 trips to Paris I would say if you are uncomfortable just take a taxi espec at night. There are pickpockets galore in the metro and on the streets day or night, they come in every type poss from gypsy to straight conservative. It is recom to wear a money belt. Follow Ricks tips in his books he is the master.

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Never had a problem within the city. ( we have been going for a few years ) Follow Rick's precautions and have a good time.

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I usually take the metro mostly during the day, but when I was on the Rick Steves Paris tour a few years ago, our guide assured us it was safe to take at night. I would think so. I don't think i would hestiate to hop on the metro at night if I had to --- depends on how late it is, and the scene. but of course you can do a a cab too. I actually found the bus to be very nice too and will use it more in the future. Not sure how late they run. I have also walked central Paris, with my sister, fairly late in the evening and we both felt safe.

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Carol - there is nothing at all wrong with riding the Metro at night. The Metro is the best subway in the world - it is easy, fast and convenient. Have no fear . . .Have fun!

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One problem with the underground is that you can't SEE Paris-the buses are much better for that, and there is an excellent route diagram on the back of every bus stop.

Having said that, I took the RER from Notre-Dame to see the Eiffel Tower lit up at night. The Champ de Mars RER station is very close to the tower, and this young fellow put a scarf around his lady friend's eyes before walking her up the steps, playing some romantic music on a little CD player, and whipping off the blindfold. Big impression, and it wouldn't have been nearly as much approaching it for miles and minutes.