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Train questions

This is my first time to Germany and I'm wondering if I should buy my ticket before I go or when I get there? I haven't been able to find out much information on that topic telling me which would be cheaper. We will be renting a car for most of the time so we only need one way night train tickets from Munich to Dusseldorf. Is it cheaper to wait till I get there and buy them or buy them over here?

Also, what exactly is a "day couch"? Is it different than a couchette?

Is there any reason why I shouldn't buy the savings fare?

Thank you very much!!!!!!

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A day couch is a reclining seat. A couchette is a cabin with either four or six bunks. Couchettes lock from the inside. The slightly higher fare for a four-bunk couchette is worth it for the extra space and comfort. If you can commit to a specific travel date, by all means buy the savings fare on the site. If you wait until you get to Germany, the alloted spots for the savings fare are almost certain to be gone.

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Thank you, Tim! You answered all my questions for me. I really appreciate it! Thank you, thank you! :-)