Grocery Stores in Paris

Is there a bigger type Grocery Store in Paris that I could google and find for buying our supplies for our apartment. Not sure of the names to look for. Here there are Safeway's, Save-On foods, Sobey's. Or even Farmer's Markets. Thanks

Posted by Christi
Whitsett, TX, United States
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Monoprix & Carrefour are two large chains. There are many, many small markets & specialty shops. Do a little googling as market etiquette is a little different there than here.

Posted by Kim
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Monoprix and Casino are the bigger ones in town. Smaller and dotted throughout neighborhoods are Franprix, G20, Intermarche, along with Carrefour City Market and Daily Monop. be wary of the latter two, as they are more expensive and more set up for the urban shopper looking for a certain ambiance. Then lots of no-name Mom and Pop stores, which may have longer hours or be open on Sunday, etc. A great source for picking up meals (or little aperitif snacks) is Picard, which is all frozen foods everything from frozen broccoli to seafood to prepared foods. I find them excellent quality for the price. Every neighborhood usually has a Picard.