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10 hours in Paris - Advice please.

My teens and I are taking a tour bus to Paris and will be free to roam for about 10 hours before we have to head back home. We live in Europe, so it is about an 8 hour ride to Paris. Can you all tell me what I should do ahead of time - we want to do a quick pass through the Lourve and see a few things - maybe spend about an hour. We can come back when we have a few days and more time. Should we buy museum pass online before we leave - are there different types of passes? Should we buy subway or bus passes? If so, ahead of time (online) or when we get there? What order would you all recommend we see the usual sites; Notre Dam cathedral, Louvre, river ride, E Tower ... Any moderately priced restaurants that you can recommend?
Thank you for reading!

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Patty - what all do you want to see/do? Is going to a restaurant a priority? Because if it isn't, I'd say to just do a sandwich or picnic to save time. You don't say what time you arrive or what day of the week you'll be there, so it makes suggesting an itinerary a little difficult. I'd suggest starting at the Eiffel Tower (tix can be bought ahead of time) and going only to the 2nd floor (the top is not worth the time). Then you can take a Seine River tour that departs from the base, or you can get on a HO/HO bus if that's your choice (no need to pre-purchase). Head to Notre Dame and grab a quick lunch in the Latin Quarter. Next up is the Louvre. Visit their website ahead of time and print out the Thematic Trail that suits your needs. Since you're from Germany, with a chip&pin card, you can use an automatic ticket kiosk. And you have time for dinner after if that's important to you, or more sightseeing/finish HO/HO bus. Have fun.

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Patty, no need for Musuem pass, you will only be able to use for the Louvre, and you don't need it there for kids( under 18s are free) and to avoid being in a long line just use an alternate entrance( not the main one through the Pyramid in the courtyard). I use the underground mall entrance ( Caroseul entrance off Rue du Rivoli) and buy my ticket from the machines as you enter. I have never had to wait more then 10 minutes that way( and that for for the line for securtiy,, which no pass entitles you to skip anyways). The line for Notre Dame( the church) can look very intimidating,, snaking across the front courtyard, but it moves quickly as there is no admission, just a bottle neck at door.
To mount the Towers of Notre Dame there is long slow line (line is at side of building, and when I say it moves slowly,, I mean dead slow, they only let 20 people up at a time, so forget about that) Taking the batobus is a good idea, its all you will really need to do to see all three places. PS You didn't say ages of kids, but mine enjoyed seeing Napoleons Apartments and the Medieval Louvre sections of the Louvre more then the paintings.. also the Crown jewels( that section is not always open)

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To see as much of Paris as possible in the very short time period you have, why not go on a bike tour? Your teens would certainly enjoy that and you would get a good sample of the city. This is a lot more fun and more interesting than a ho-ho bus. Save the museums for a later trip, when you have more time.