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10 days in SPAIN

Hello, I'm looking for a good itinerary suggestions on a 10 day trip to SPAIN From my basic research, I gathered the following places a must-see. San Sebastian Barcelona Madrid Seville
Granada I am traveling with a 2.6 yr old daughter so would certainly prefer a kid friendly travel guide. We are open for trains/buses/drive internally. A culture mix, beaches, heritage, kids explore is all what we are looking at. Also, if we extend the trip to 14 days, is it worth throwing in Portugal trip or just do that independently? Kindly advice. Appreciate in advance. Thanks!

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You would be hard pressed to do your original plan in 14 days without throwing in Portugal. We did 10 days over New Years it was a bit rushed but we fly into Madrid 3, Cordoba 1, Seville 3 and Granada 3 and home from Malaga. Use train and bus only.

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I'm in Seville with my three kids now and the diversity in a city is wonderful. If your daughter is energetic, you may want to go to the coast more for beach time. Madrid and Seville are bustling cities and she may have to spend more time in a stroller than she wants to. If i were you, I would plan the trip for for more time in Seville and Granada and Barcelona than in Madrid.

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Just got back: Toledo is gorgeous and you daughter would love the little train that takes you on a tour of the city..Jerez de Frontera has the beautiful horse too (sherry for you)

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We have just returned last month from our second trip to Spain. San Sebastian is absolutely wonderful but it is not known for great weather. When our daughter studied there she said by September the weather was definitely changing. We had three mild amazing days and one really rainy so it depends when you are travelling if it's worth the great distance. The tapas bars were fun although not for children. Cute though as I noticed all the Spanish men pushing the strollers. Barcelona has an easy ambience although also alot of cruise ships. Beaches nearby though. We loved Granada. All the families were out late at night strolling and the Alhambra is fabulous. We really enjoyed Madrid but it felt more like an adult city although the park was one the of nicest I have either been too. I however was traveling with young adult children so I probably missed the kid element. We absolutely did not like Toledo although our hotel was good. Everything had an admission price and the main plaza a McDonalds. Dirty too with lots of tacky shops and deserted buildings. Perhaps the Cathedral could make it worthwhile. Seville is nice but was very hot. On our last trip we flew into Malaga and relaxed a few days in Nerja to recovery from the flight. Lots of Brits, we had a fun little rooftop pool with views of the rooftops which was fun and enjoyed the little beach. I think you'll have plenty to do without adding Portugal.

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We were just in San Sebastian for a weekend a couple of weeks ago. It was too crowded for me. The beach was packed and the partying in old town went on all night. Maybe if you stayed in a hotel away from old town you would be more comfortable. I would not go back there.