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10-12 days in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

I am looking to visit Germany, Austria and Switzerland in Decmeber 2009 ( I know its a year from now, just trying to plan early). I know I definantly want to visit salzburg and insbruck austria. Would like to go to Interlaken Switzerland but it is not a must. I would like to know other ideas of areas, travel and stay times to fill up 10-12 days.

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We have travelled Germany and Austria before and are returning this May with our kids. Some of our favorites are the lake areas just east of Salzburg and Mittenwald Germany just north of Innsbruck. If you haven't been to any castles, Ludwig's Linderhof and Neuschwanstein are in the area as well. That whole area of southern Germany is just beautiful! You would also be only a little over an hour away from Munich. I don't think you could be disappointed wherever you choose to go in those areas!

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Adding Interlaken to this trip is a little redundant and out of the way. For 10-12 days, I would limit myself to 3 destinations, with maybe one more if it isn't too far away. With Innsbruck as a base (are you a skier?), there's enough to see and do in the region to fill several days. You can visit Mittenwald, ascend to the summit of the Zugspitze, visit Ludwig's castles both at Schwangau and Linderhof, see Oberammergau... the lists goes on. Innsbruck isn't my favorite town in the region, but that's just one person's opinion.

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I was over there for about the same amount of time that you will be. Here is the trips that I made. I travel fast and like to get in as much as possible.

day 1: Bacharach, Germany
day 2: Train to Baden-Baden(I spent 1/2 day here)
train then to Lausanne, Switzerland.
day 3: spent 1/2day here then went to Luzern, Switzerland.
day 4: Day trip to Interlaken and Gimmelwald.
day 5: 1/2 day in Luzern then took a train to Munich.
day 6: Munich and a 1/2day trip to Dachau.
day 7: Train to Salzburg. All day in Salzburg.
day 8: 1/2day in Salzburg then train to Vienna.
day 9: Full day in Vienna
day 10: Train to Prague. All day in Prague
day 11: Prague
day 12: Train to Berlin. All day in Berlin
day 13: Berlin
day 14: Left for home

So the highlights that I suggest are Luzern, Munich, Salzburg, Prague, Berlin, Gimmelwald.

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I agree with Tom...was not impressed with Innsbruck. I second on going to the castles in southern Germany. Also, a MUST see, is Hallstatt, Austria just about an hour or so out of Salzburg by train. It's "Sound of Music" country and unbelieveably beautiful. Vist the salt mines in town....great experience. First check to see if places are open there since you are going in December.

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Let me qualify. There's nothing wrong with staying in Innsbruck. The scenery is fantastic, and the old town is pleasent. It just isn't where I choose to stay in the area.

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We just returned from Bavaria and would highly recommed the following: Salzburg(very romantic and beautiful); Munich, Fussen, and Garmisch were absolutely unbelievable! Make sure you go to Berchesgaden and Lake Konnisgee and don't waste your time in Innsbruck. Plan enough days in each location as there is never enough time in each town!! Enjoy the local food and find those small tucked away restaurants... enjoy the alps...we can't wait to go back!